Here Comes the Sun – 12 Sunny Yellow Items for Spring

It’s been a long, gray winter here in Michigan, and it seems like the temperatures will never warm up. Between the ice storm last weekend, losing power in frigid temperatures for three days, and another ice/snow storm on the way, it feels more like January than mid-April! So what can a girl do to get through this kind of weather? Find the most cheerful items in her closet and accessories!

Yellow is one of my favorite colors, it never fails to cheer me up and brighten my day. Here are some pretty pieces to help you get through the last doldrums of winter and get you ready for spring…


Good Golly A-Line Dress in Pterodactyls


Believer Yellow Knit Jacket



Belle One Piece Swimsuit



Cambridge Satchel



Positively Polished Shorts in Yellow



Splashing Through the Rain Boots



Prettiest Petals Earrings



Going Retro Sweater



Modern Frayed Skinny Crop Jeansicon


Camellia Garden Blouse



Lace Yoke Teeicon




GENIUS Liquid Collagen



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