7 Low-Carb Breakfasts that will Change Your Morning

Most mornings, I’m in a rush to get ready for work and out the door by Seven a.m. Breakfast is pretty low down on the priority list, until I get to work and realize I’m suddenly ravenous and the only option is vending machine pop tarts or a bagel from the convenience shop in our building. Neither option exactly fits in with my goals to watch my carb and sugar intake and to be healthier in my food choices this year (Keto!). So what’s a hungry girl to do? Luckily I’ve found 7 easy low carb/Keto breakfasts that are perfect for on the go! Some of them are make ahead, which I usually prep on Sunday for the week, and a few are good for mornings when you have to dash out the door.

Low Carb Breakfast Casserole – Low Carb Sausage and Egg 730 Sage Street has an amazing recipe for a low carb casserole that is delicious and filling. Totally one of my go-tos for a make ahead breakfast.

Low Carb Baked Ham and Egg Cups Another one of those Keto/Low-Carb stables, egg cups are a great make-ahead meal that travel brilliantly.


Cheesy Sausage Puffs (Keto & Low Carb)  These little guys are quick and awesome to make ahead. And you can have 2 or 3 and still stay low carb.

Ham Egg & Cheese Roll-Ups Use ham instead of a tortilla to wrap up some yummy eggs. Brilliant.

Cream Cheese Pancakes (Low Carb & Keto) Not exactly quick when you’re running late, but if you have a few minutes to pull this together, these pancakes are amazing. Also work well if you make them ahead of time and reheat once you get to work.


Healthy 1 Minute Low Carb Cinnamon Roll Mug Cake Mug cakes are a keto staple for a quick dessert, but how about making one for breakfast? After mixing, this baby is ready in under a minute and a protein-packed, low-carb way to have some thing sweet.

Scotch Eggs – Low Carb and Gluten Free Scotch Eggs are one of my favorite things to make ahead and take for breakfast. I love the soft-boiled egg in the center, surrounded by delicious sausage. It could also be my Scottish heritage speaking, hard to tell.


What about you guys? Any go-to low-carb breakfasts that are favorites?





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